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Acupuncture is an ancient healing practice that is finding its own place within the scope of physical medicine and modern complementary healthcare. The practitioner of acupuncture, using tiny needles inserted into the various acupuncture points of the body, works to balance the energy flow of the body ( Muscle tension, lymph, blood and body fluid flow, nervous system state, breath, viscera and bowel function, gland function, brain wave pattern, spiritual/emotional state ).

Acupuncture is a safe, effective form of health promotion which facilitates a return to balance. By providing pain relief, freeing restricted motion and increasing blood circulation, acupuncture shortens the time necessary to heal and get back to 100%. A holistic approach allows an individualized treatment for each client, taking account for each person’s particular psycho spiritual state.

Our Registered Acupuncturists education and experience encompasses multiple styles of acupuncture but generally he uses what is referred to as meridian style acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture. This type of acupuncture is characterized by identifying the location of dis-ease or pain and needling related points, both in the affected area and in other specific points for their inherent functions such as relieving pain. We have found this style to be effective in treating people with all types of dis-ease including sports injuries, chronic pains, headaches, insomnia, anxiety etc.





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